The Story

The Pearl Project was founded to promote lung cancer awareness and support research funding.  It was inspired by my mother; Suzanne Corrales, who was diagnosed with lung cancer at 47 years old.  A healthy, active, non smoker, her doctor did not think to screen her for lung cancer though she had symptoms of the disease.  Lung cancer took a toll on her physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One challenge she did not expect, however, was the reaction when she shared her diagnosis.  She did not smoke, but found herself defending her cancer.  She then realized she was in a class of it's own, one of the deadliest cancers with the worst stigma.

The Pearl Project was founded to address the negative stigma of lung cancer and offer the world a simple way to empower all affected by the #1 cancer killer in the world - think pearls!  Driven by online and social media, our goal is to create an educational awareness movement toward a world where no one is blamed for having cancer.  

Why pearls?  Lung cancer has many colors.  One is clear because it's an invisible disease.  Another color is pearl.  Pearls are timeless, symbolic, and feminine.  Worn across the chest, they are an iconic symbol to support a disease that deserves a stronger voice and progress in the cancer community.


In Memory of Suzanne Corrales

Writer, mother, lung cancer warrior.